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Whether you are thinking about moving, planning for the future or wanting to have a Plan B in place, this is the right time to chat.

Dawn never expected to live anywhere else but in her family home. Still, she thought it would be a good idea to be prepared in case her situation changed. When she found a retirement village near her family home she liked, she didn't go any further for the following 2 years but then she suddenly ended up in hospital and it was clear that she would not be able to live on her own anymore. A serviced apartment in the retirement village of her previous choice was available and the sale of her home as well as the purchase of the new property and the move of all her belongings was organised. After a short stay at the assisted care facility in the retirement home, she was excited to move into her new apartment that gave her comfort and security. Having lost some of her mobility, she now also enjoys the convenience of having social activities close by and people to talk to whenever she feels like it.

Maggie thought she had missed the chance to settle in a retirement village and felt too ill to make any changes. Her family was concerned about her but she vehemently said she was fine for what was left of her life. However, the worry to need medical attention drew her energy and kept her from sleeping at night. When she finally agreed to have a non-committal look at a few living options, she was surprised to see the quality and comfort of these places. A couple of days later she announced she was ready to move. With help every step along the way, she couldn't believe how fast the process went. As soon as she took possession of her new home, her health improved and she is now more active than she has been in decades. 

A Message from Sarah

Senior Living Advisors use their knowledge of local retirement living options, medical and legal services and moving companies to offer seniors a wide range of advice. I believe it is imperative to listen to the individual story and understand the whole situation to provide personal, customised support. Keeping the process at an individual pace is also something that is important to me. Some people only want to gather information at this point and want to find out about the differences between retirement home facilities, e.g. facilities with hospitals, care units, dementia care or Alzheimer's care, assisted living, independent living, retirement villas or the range of amenities. Others are in an emergency situation and need to make urgent decisions. Every case is different but the client always sets the pace and I never rush the process. Why not take the first step to understanding your options now?


At your side along the entire way.


Assessing and Discussing Options

This free consultation is a friendly chat with no obligation usually in the comfort of your home. Listening to what you have in mind for yourself, we will make suggestions and discuss your options with you. 

Whether you are interested in options for yourself or you have a loved one you are wondering about, please contact us to book a meeting.


Supporting the Search and Purchase Process

Every step along the way on your side, we make sure you understand the process of purchasing a home and choose what is right for you. We help you with arranging appointments and getting there as well as organising everything for the move. Fees vary depending on the time investment or are completely free when you list your property with our real estate agent.


"I was impressed by the level of patience, time and communication. This made the process transparent and easy to understand. It would have been so much harder without help."

Dawn, Hamilton

"When I found out about this service and that it wouldn't cost me anything, it was a no-brainer for me. Sarah made it all clear and easy. In hindsight I wonder what took me so long to make the decision to move. Every day I am grateful for not having to worry anymore and for feeling safe, secure and looked after."

Maggie, Raglan

"Sarah looked after my mum when I couldn't and took care of everything from finding a place she loved and selling her home to arranging the move. She even called and kept me informed here in the UK."

Yvonne, UK

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